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1. Have you emailed your MP about the Dec 13 weblog seminar? (I’ll be emailing all new MPs – bar one – about this today.)

UPDATE – I’ve pulled up short on this for now, to see how far I can get by contacting the head offices of the main parties first (so they can then put relevant members onto this). The call to Labour should be interesting… but, hell, I’m trying to teach their MPs how to do what I do. Can’t be a bad thing, now can it?

2. Take a fresh look at the ‘Bomb Al-Jazeera memo’ post, which now includes two important updates.

UPDATE – You will bow before my God-like powers:

In Google today


  1. Talk Politics says

    Credit where none is due

    Plenty of good material on Bush, Blair and the Al-Jazeera memo out there with honourable mentions going out to Bloggerheads, Blairwatch and one of Scaryduck’s alter egos, Robber Rabbit – must also mention Don’t Bomb Us, a blog by Al-Jazeera staffers….

  2. underblog says

    Awww, you’re not letting Anne Milton join in all your reindeer games?

  3. Manic says

    Hey, she’s more than welcome to attend… I just think that:1. She’s likely to be aware of the seminar already2. I don’t think she’ll bother to turn up

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