The Safety Elephant strikes back

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Tuesday, November 8th, 2005
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Another email from Charles Clarke! This one assures me that there’s widespread support for the proposed bill, and that there are many changes to the proposed bill (probably because it enjoys such widespread support), *and* that he wasn’t trying to diddle us with a fiddled poll (that also enjoyed widespread support):

Finally, I would like to apologise for the questionnaire which was attached to the message that I sent out to party supporters on Friday. It was not intended to gauge public opinion but to start a political debate around the proposals currently being debated in Parliament. Many people have raised with me perfectly valid concerns about how the questions were drafted. I can only say that I share those concerns and give my assurance that questions of this type will not used in the future.

(reaches for hypno-coin)

Ig-norrrre the striiings… you did not seee the striiiings….

UPDATE – He is so full of it. The start and end of the email that was ‘not intended to gauge public opinion but to start a political debate’ reads as follows:

I am emailing you today to find out your views on the action the Government is proposing to take to challenge the new terrorist threats that face all of us… Facing up to the challenges of the new terrorist threat is so important; we want to have your views as soon as possible. Please go the Labour website to register your views. Click here to go there now.

UPDATE – More from Chicken Yoghurt.

UPDATE – Recess Monkey: Oh that’s OK then, we weren’t supposed to answer the questions, just talk about them in the pub – a rhetorical questionnaire.

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