They’ll print any old rubbish these days

Posted by Tim Ireland at November 17, 2005

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Thursday, November 17th, 2005
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A nice piece; one to add to the collection… but I’m still short one hatchet-job from the Sun. (Speaking of which, our little Ginger-Ninja G-bomb is about to mature. Go to Google and see if you can find a traitor. Rebekah is at No. 6 this morning.)

Guardian – The new commentariat: But on the subject of motivation, the near-physical urge all the bloggers I spoke to felt – to join the debate, to make waves – seems to have been surprisingly uniform. “I got sick of breaking televisions by throwing things at them,” is how De Havilland puts it. “If we lived in a world where actual facts could be discussed rationally, I’d happily disappear back into my cage and sell tat for a living,” says Tim Ireland. But the drive that he feels, he says, “will not allow me to shut down until Blair is held accountable”.


  1. irritant says

    I noticed this article at work last night but didn’t have the time to check it out. Good to see you get a mention.

  2. Frank notes says

    Blogging is no threat to journalism

    One of the lamest canards that continues to circle among bloggers and second-rate opinion writers is the idea that the advent of blogging signals the end of journalism as we know it. There are many arguments against this proposition and I'v…

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