Busy week this week. Here’s why:

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Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
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1. The first ‘MPs and Weblogs’ seminar is this evening. You won’t be able to RSVP at this late stage, but seats are still available. Just turn up or (if you must) send a member of staff along.

2. I’ll be doing some guest-blogging on the BBC website as part of the Today Programme Who runs Britain? event. The part of the website that relates to this has yet to go live, but – as it’s a blogging BBC thing – it’s a fair bet that a certain BBC blogger will provide a heads-up when it does.

3. The report on Year 4 of Bloggerheads is due this time tomorrow. I have a 1500-word report ready to roll, but need to do some last-minute number-crunching late this evening.

4. I woke up this morning wondering if you would be arrested for singing Christmas carols within the exclusion zone…. and need to chat to a few people about that today. (Email me with any thoughts/ideas you may have if you feel so inclined.)

5. I’m helping to develop a special new ‘find blogs like this one’ tool. There’s testing and data entry that has to happen later this week. (PS – You may wish to check out this list of promising new bloggers.)

6. Oh, and work. I have to do some work.

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