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Hurrah! We have an MP onside….

Lynne Featherstone – Jerry Springer: The Opera DVD: I’ll be writing to the Chief Exec of both Sainsbury’s and Woolworths asking them to change their minds – hope you do too. Emailing their customer services is good idea (as quite a few people are suggesting) but I suspect any such email will be answered by someone relatively junior…

She’s bang on, there. The folks copying and pasting the replies from Woolworths sent me a copy and paste reply when I complained that their initial copy and paste reply did not answer my questions. The folks copying and pasting the replies from Sainsbury’s haven’t even bothered to standardise the fonts:

sainsbury reply

So Lynne suggests that you approach your MP about this freedom of speech issue, and that sounds like a mighty fine idea to me.

She also plans to write to the Chief Execs in order to get past the copy and paste barrier, and I think that this is a fine example to follow:

Justin King, Sainsbury’s, 35 Holborn, London, EC1N 2HT
Trevor Bish-Jones, Woolworths PLC, Woolworths House, 242-246 Marylebone Road, NW1 6JL

Finally, there’s that cheeky thought that – perhaps, if we can get 10 people to complain – that Sainsbury’s will stop selling bread.

I’m not entirely on board with this. Surely it would be more to the point to stop them from selling disgustingly phallic objects like cucumbers and candles or – even better – perhaps we can complain about this disgraceful state of affairs…

Both Sainbury’s and Woolworths sell books, both online and in most stores. But they do not sell one of the most popular books of all time. For some reason, both stores refuse to stock the Bible!

I feel a candlelight vigil coming on… perhaps we can follow it up with a good head-kicking.

no bibles here

nope, no bibles here, either

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