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Posted by Tim Ireland at December 5, 2005

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Media Watch Watch – Woolworths, Sainsbury remove Springer DVD (lotsa links and comments here; go see)

Independent – Stores bow to Christians and ban Jerry Springer DVD: Major retail chains have bowed to pressure from a tiny fringe Christian group by withdrawing copies of a DVD of Jerry Springer: The Opera from stores around the UK. Woolworths and Sainsbury have both taken the unprecedented step of removing the film from shelves because of “customer” concerns about the content of the musical, released three weeks ago. Sainsbury has admitted it received just 10 complaints.

To: Sainburys Customer Care
From: Tim Ireland
Subject: Christian Voice and Jerry Springer: The Opera on DVD

Dear Sirs,

In a typical week, we will spend 60-90 pounds on groceries in your Godalming store. For the next four weeks, we shall be shopping elsewhere.

There is no action you can take to reverse this decision; I only hope that next time you will think twice before caving in to tin-pot pressure groups.

Tim Ireland

To: Woolworths Customer Relations
From: Tim Ireland
Subject: Christian Voice and Jerry Springer: The Opera on DVD

Dear Sirs,

It greatly disturbs me that you would be so gutless and so witless as to cave in to a ragtag bunch of extremists who not only have the gall to call themselves Christians, but also claim that they are the voice of Christianity.

As a family, we would normally spend about 120 pounds in your Godalming and Guildford stores over the Christmas period. This year, we shall be taking our money elsewhere.

There is no action you can take to reverse this decision; the damage is done.

Tim Ireland

To: Santa Claus
From: Tim Ireland
Subject: Christian Voice and Jerry Springer: The Opera on DVD

Dear Santa,

Please don’t bother sending Stephen Green another lump of coal this Christmas:

1) The fires of hell are sure to keep him warm in the millennia to come, so he has no need for fossil fuels
2) I doubt that he believes in fossils at any rate


Tim Ireland

Sainsburys and Woolworths had best watch themselves; once Green and his little gang have finished licking the blood from their lips, they’re sure to take a closer look at the DVD shelves in these stores and decide that this is only the beginning:
“Very Offensive” Films –
“Extremely Offensive” Films –

UPDATE – Oi! Stephen! You missed a spot!

UPDATE – That *was* a link showing that Woolworths still sold the JS:TO soundtrack online. Within a few hours, the purchasing description was changed to read; “This product is not currently available. Please check back later.”

I checked back later (6 Dec)… and the page was gone. Can anyone hear clucking?


  1. balders says

    For an illustration of how out-of-touch is, The Bible Society produces a monthly newsletter called Reel Issues, which contains material about recent feature films, to be used as a basis for christian discussion. Recent films covered include American Beauty, Amistad, Bridget Jones Diary, Gladiator, Schindler’s List, The Matrix, to name but a few. So the Bible Society would appear to have a significantly different definition of offensive.Interestingly enough, the Bible Society celebrated its 200th aniversary last year. Can’t see Stephen Green’s bunch of rabid tossers lasting a tenth as long.

  2. Chicken Yoghurt says

    Putting the fundament in fundamentalism

    Well, consider my goat well and truly got. Sainsburys and Woolworths have withdrawn Jerry Springer: The Opera on DVD from sale after complaints from a “a tiny fringe Christian group”. (via Bloggerheads). MediaWatchWatch are pointing the finger at every…

  3. The Inside Of My Head says

    We’re going to see more of this

    I am writing to let you know that, in light of your recent decision not to stock the DVD ‘Jerry Springer: The Opera’, I will no longer be shopping at Sainsbury’s. I believed that Sainsbury’s and other supermarkets followed the …

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