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Posted by Tim Ireland at December 15, 2005

Category: The War on Stupid

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Carol serviceWe’re good to go.

I’ll really need your support on this folks; we have just over five days to let people know about it:

You are cordially invited to a public carol service in Parliament Square at 6pm on Wednesday the 21st of December 2005.

This inclusive service will contain both Christian and secular verse, and is expected to last no more than an hour.

Candles and song sheets will be made available, with donations going to Medical Aid for Iraqi Children.

Please note that if you attend this carol service, it will classify as a spontaneous demonstration (of faith, hope, joy and/or religious tolerance) and there is a possibility that you will be cautioned or arrested under Section 132 of the Serious and Organised Crimes and Police Act 2005.

Click here for more information.

Merry Christmas to one and all.

UPDATE – Oh dear… I wanted to send an invite to Charles Clarke, but his website has gone bye-byes (see what it used to look like here). Oh well. I’ll take a shot at and see how far I get.

UPDATE – Invites sent to Tony Blair and Cherie Booth (some nice folks who happen to live just down the road).

UPDATE – In the spirit of the season, I have also invited Michael Foster.


  1. says

    what could be more traditional?

    Than a beautiful Carol service in the shadow of St. Stephens tower come Yuletide? I know the tunes that’ll probably be sung, but I have no idea what the lyrics might be :) Knowing Tim, they won’t be the ones…

  2. Wolf Solent says

    A sub-editor writes: you need to change “classify” to “qualify” in the graphic pdq.

  3. Manic says

    Are you sure? ‘Qualify’ can also be read as if there has been a struggle to attain criminal status.

  4. Rachel North London says

    I’m in!Just linked and blogged you.I don’t know how trackback works, but if someone can explain to me I’ll do that as well. Perhaps whilst we are all in the cells.

  5. Manic says

    Thanks very much, Rachel. I wouldn’t sweat the Trackback. Cheers.

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