LiveJournal and the new sub-domains

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 20, 2006

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Friday, January 20th, 2006
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MatGB, now at a new location, has some thoughts on his new location (and that of every other LiveJournal user). There’s another opinion here.

Discussions about inconvenience I leave to LiveJournal users. On the subject of PageRank; yes, there is a potential advantage to controlling your own sub-domain but – over time – it is much, much better to control your own domain name.

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  1. MatGB says

    Technically not a new location, I’ve been using Livejournal for over a year as a personal blog, and had the subdomain paid for last August. But it’s personal and media stuff, not really high politics.The main change is that the username linking tag now links to the sub, it didn’t before, the sub was a redirect to /users/foo.Agree about the domain name thing, but, well, I’ve got 2 already, they’re just not suitable ;-)It’s more for the potential for abuse, I suspect people will start doing memes containing them very soon: “How about what type of traitor are you” or “What is the best type of liar”? You could even do something on religion, that one’s not getting very far at the moment…I’ll set em loose, as will others…

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