“You’re gullible!” taken offline

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Pandora: The creeping Blunticisation of Britain continues, and woe betide anybody who tries to stand in its way. The powers behind James Blunt’s ubiquitous ditty, “You’re Beautiful”, have moved to stop a small web company from running a parody of the song at www.eclectech.co.uk. “It was a reaction to the Emperor’s New Clothes thing,” its writer, Tim Gillespie, tells me. Bucks Music Group has written to Gillespie, explaining: “It has come to our attention that… you have made an unauthorised parodied adaptation of ‘You’re Beautiful’ entitled ‘You’re Gullible’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Unauthorised Adaptation’)…” Unless the website desists forthwith, the music publisher will be left “with no alternative but to consider seeking a court order”. The music has been removed from the site, but fans can still throw tomatoes at Blunt’s cartoon image, above right, and read Gillespie’s spoof lyrics. But there is evidence that Blunt, left, is complicit in breaching his own copyright. On his official website, weeks before the spoof was removed, his messageboard administrator wrote: “James was throwing tomatoes at himself on that site yesterday.” Naughty boy.

You can read the relevant entry here on the James Blunt messageboard.

What’s left of the animation can been seen here.

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