I demand the immediate arrest of Bob Marshall Andrews

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Independent – Rebel ringleader faces Labour plot to oust him from seat: Senior ministers are seeking to punish a leading rebel backbencher following two embarrassing defeats in the Commons this week over the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill… some ministers have privately discussed taking tougher action against one of the veteran rebel ringleaders, Bob Marshall Andrews, a QC and a leading campaigner against the war in Iraq. He was privately accused of colluding with Tory opponents of the religious hatred legislation. Some ministers want him to be deselected from his Medway constituency.

You fools! You blind fools!

You want to take tough action and you’re pussy-footing around with deslection?

Bob Marshall Andrews is obviously an organiser of this Westminster protest, so he can quite legally be arrested under Section 132 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005. A term of imprisonment not exceeding 51 weeks should keep him out of trouble for a while.

I realise that the police have been rather (ahem) selective in their enforcement of this new law but:

1. They have yet to be be given formal guidance on how to use it.

2. Lord Falconer has since made clear that this new law is fair because it applies to ‘everyone’.

3. Andrews more than meets the primary requirement for arrest anyway; he caused Tony Blair embarrassment.

Come on New Labour; you shaped and made this law… now do something with it.

When will Bob Marshall Andrews be arrested?

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