Reactions to State Of The Union 2006

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DailyKos – Full text of the speech, plus many comments.

Further DK threads followed; click here to see them all and/or click her for some more from

If you really want to dive in, the resulting thread is always worth a look, but this year a more (ahem) ‘interesting’ one followed Cindy Sheehan’s adventure

AP – Activist Cindy Sheehan arrested at Capitol: Cindy Sheehan finally got her invitation to see President Bush again, but before she set eyes on him at the State of the Union address, Capitol Police removed her from the gallery overlooking the House chamber. The offense: her shirt, bearing an anti-war message and other “unlawful conduct,” police said.

Here’s the money-shot and here’s a report from Cindy herself (plus comments).

Gosh, it’s all so disturbingly familiar…

Anyway, I have things to do today, so it’s time to move on…

What I really want to show you is this letter from ‘Mad Dog Matt’, who I suspect felt so fired up after this speech that he went looking for a suitably heroic image of George W Bush to add to his web page, or scrap book, or shrine, or… whatever.

Well, what he found was this.

And what he sent in response was this:

yeah, i thought that photo with bush and the twin towers behind him was horrendous and awful i would like to see whoever that was that put that there be that hero and see how many people like him after someone put a photo of him on this website bush did what he had to do he couldn’t stop it nor could anyone so it couldn’t be stopped and you guys hate him for that which was horrible, bush made better decisions than what kerry would of mad because kerry was a soldier before which would leave him to do what a soldier would do and not care about it, but bush did care about it and did what he had to do the best way possible!

Check out that stream of consciousness! Isn’t it glorious? Fertile ground for Doublethink, I would think.

Big Shiny New Thing coming soon. Please stand by, or check in if you would like to take part in early testing.


firedoglake – Not So Free Speech and Glenn Greenwald – Learning from Dear Leader are both worth a look, and come to you via Crooks and Liars.

Ahahahahahahahahahaha! This made me laugh.

CNN – Shirt tales differ for Sheehan, GOP wife

Blimey! Look at ’em go!

Heh. Fab: Comics – Tom the Dancing Bug – The Noble History of the Free Speech Zone

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