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AP – Thousands of Federal Trials Kept Secret: Despite the Sixth Amendment’s guarantee of public trials, nearly all records are being kept secret for more than 5,000 defendants who completed their journey through the federal courts over the last three years. Instances of such secrecy more than doubled from 2003 to 2005… The data show a sharp increase in secret case files over time as the Bush administration’s well-documented reliance on secrecy in the executive branch has crept into the federal courts through the war on drugs, anti-terrorism efforts and other criminal matters.

A culture of secrecy is wonderful way to hide criminal acts, negligence, and/or acts of criminal negligence… three things we’ve come to expect from this administration on a frighteningly regular basis. Hell, even hardcore Republicans have had enough…

ABC – White House: Bush Played No Role In Ports Contract: President Bush has been trying to quell a bipartisan backlash over a commercial deal which would see an Arab company run the operations of six major US ports. Mr Bush is facing opposition over the issue from his own Republican Party leaders in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. And while he hasn’t used his veto power during his five years in office, he is now threatening to use it on any legislation that blocks the deal.

The Daily Show has this same story, and includes Teh Funneh. Click for video.

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