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Posted by Tim Ireland at March 17, 2006

Category: The Political Weblog Movement

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Friday, March 17th, 2006
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Now, let’s all try to be nice to the new boy.

UPDATE – Best comment so far: If you intend this to be a personal blog why are you using your Government Department’s website? How much civil service time is spent drafting/vetting your ‘personal’ comments? Doing this via a Government website is a misuse of the taxpayers money and also renders the claim of it being a genuinely personal blog suspect. If you want to run a blog why don’t you sort it out for yourself like everyone else rather than scrounging one off the taxpayer?


  1. Justin says

    I think I just felt the world shift on its axis…

  2. Friendly Fire says

    wanker seems appropriate

  3. beaubodor says

    Let's see if this post to his site is moderated in any way :In response to his post on Haverstock school :Congratulations on starting your blog.My mother was a teacher in Scotland and, I believe, well-respected by her peers (excuse the use of the word in the current political scandal) and by her pupils.Her decision to enter the profession was initially to bring a much needed second income to a struggling household but her love and commitment to her pupils soon became the overriding factor for her to stay in a job that paid very little for the hours worked. (the frequently spouted comments about long holidays are facile, considering the time my mother put in teaching and marking : 12-13 hours a day)I would be interested to know how the young teacher you mention can be young, having given up a *life* in consultancy and how financially comfortable his consultancy work has made him for him to be so happy and contented on a teacher's salary, living in the centre of London.

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