Hot Water

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Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
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Don’t you find it a little odd that Mary Creagh, the Labour MP who is worried that we all might burn ourselves has never formally objected to a government that approves of boiling people alive? Perhaps she thinks that if she looks after the boo-boos, the murders will take care of themselves.

Meanwhile… the battle over ID Cards is hotting up and push is about to come to shove. (It would pay to keep an eye on the news, NO2ID and SpyBlog today and tomorrow.)

Meanwhile… I’ve heard back from a few people who have written to their MPs about Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill, and there are two stock replies; supporters seek to reassure us that controls are in place (while wilfully ignoring the fact that the proposed bill is of the self-amending variety), and opponents tell us that they are indeed worried about the bill but don’t have any actual plans to fight it. (More here if you need it.)

Meanwhile… the parliamentary investigation into the loans scandal has been delayed by the police investigation.

Meanwhile… Non-Brownite Labour MPs with a brain/conscience scramble to find their testicles.

Meanwhile… our government’s involvement in Guantanamo bay looks deeper and sleazier by the day and Jack Straw plans to spend the weekend chumming up with a key player in the Bush administration. (They have a special relationship based on selective perception; Jack can read a memo entitled “Receipt of Intelligence Obtained Under Torture” and see no sign that torture is being used for our ‘benefit’ and Condi can read a report entitled “Bin Laden Determined To Attack Inside the United States” and see no sign of a potential threat.)

Meanwhile… yet another uncomfortable moment in our government’s relationship with the Bush administration, heightened by the impending visit by one of their officials, has resulted in the release of a nasty little beastie that hasn’t enjoyed free reign since Bush came to town…. read Chicken Yoghurt on the ‘anti-American’ gambit – oh, and BlairWatch (and be aware that the ‘threat of violence’ and/or ‘protestors side with terrorists’ arguments cannot be too far behind).

Meanwhile… the slug in charge of the Home Office – the chap who thinks you should be detained without trial for up to 90 days so the police can ask you ‘a few questions’ and cynically uses victims of terrorism to justify such measures – has graciously allotted 10 minutes for a victim of terrorism, but only to diffuse the situation he created by being too sensitive/important/regal to answer questions himself.

Meanwhile… as anxiety over upcoming local elections builds (and signs do not look good), preparations are underway to cynically use the plight of hard-working local councillors who – in David Blunkett’s words – “are trooping the streets night after night in the endeavour to persuade people to vote Labour”… but we all know that a vote for these ‘innocent bystanders’ will be used and portrayed as an endorsement of Blair.

I’m sorry, but I’m not having any of it (and I’m not expecting the earth to be split asunder by the following announcement, I’m just letting you know where the line is for me).

Labour bods have until this weekend to rid us of this dangerous, abusive, self-serving, lying and murderous regime by any legal/democratic means possible.

If Monday does not bring a clear signal of their intention to deal with this problem with the urgency it requires, then – as far as I’m concerned – it’s all-out war on Labour during the local elections… starting *from* Monday.

No prisoners. No exceptions.

This shit must end.

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