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Here’s a little nugget that has passed most people by:

BBC – Intelligence lessons of 7/7: Whitehall officials have told the BBC they are now facing an unprecedented number of terrorist plots in Britain. They say the threat of home-grown terrorism has increased substantially since the Iraq invasion of 2003, and that 50% of recent disrupted plots are home-grown, involving British nationals living in Britain.

Well, there’s a big fucking surprise; irresponsible foreign policy leads to further terrorism.

But the people you really have to worry about are the protestors…

BlairWatch – Condi Rice Protest Press Coverage: The national press are still talking up the threat of trouble, though where they are getting their stories from is anybody’s guess…

(Much, much more on the Condi visit can be found here.)

War brings peace. Peace protestors are violent. Black is white. Up is down.

Meanwhile… remember those rendition flights that Jack ‘see no evil’ Straw claimed to be unaware of?

Bloggerheads – When are we going to kick this bastard out?
Bloggerheads – Jack Straw is a lying weasel (and other facts about torture)

Well, as it turns out, when we’re not actively surrendering British citizens for rendition, we’re turning a blind eye…

BBC – Europe ‘knew about’ CIA flights
BBC – Rendition report adds to terror debate

And the reaction of that great humanitarian Jack Straw? Well, there’s en established pattern of denial, and a criminal lack of curiosity. In fact, the only question he appears to have asked Condi lately is; “Do you want to come back to my place?”

And on that note, we go back to Liverpool (a place I really wanted to be this morning)…

BBC – Protests at start of Rice UK tour: US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has started her two-day visit to the north-west of England. She is due to go on to visit a school in Jack Straw’s Blackburn constituency, where some protestors have gathered.

No doubt the protestors will be guilted into thinking they should keep their distance. Or, failing that, they’ll be gently encouraged by riot police.

When Bush came to town, he and Blair also used school-children as a form of human shield, which is fucking disgraceful behaviour in my opinion.

(Sites to watch today: BlairWatch, CondiWatch and UK Indymedia)

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