Strange coincidences and unique opportunities

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 22, 2006

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Today at 12.30pm Gordon Brown will make his Budget Statement to the House of Commons.

There will then follow a rush by political journalists as they (maybe) digest and interpret the figures before writing their articles.

While all of this is going on, two key players from Tony’s team will be subjected to some rather uncomfortable questions from the Lords Constitutional Committee regarding their respective and far from respectable roles in Blair’s decision to ‘legally’ invade Iraq. Lord Falconer is due to appear at 4.15pm, Lord Goldsmith at 5.05pm (Hat-tip to Pandora).

I understand that a handful of journalists will be present, that a transcript will published by Friday at the latest and that the whole shebang will be recorded on video (and then broadcast in part or in full by the BBC).


There is nothing quite like feeling tensions in a room and/or watching a man’s face as he answers tricky questions, so I see this as a perfect opportunity for a responsible London-based blogger or two to take action and ensure that at least one comprehensive and informed report on this meeting is published.

The meeting is open to the public from around 4pm. If anybody wishes to volunteer for duty, I have the details they need right here in front of me. Drop me a line. Cheers all.

UPDATE (23 March) – One news report. One. We really should have got a blogger in there… BBC – Goldsmith defends his war secrecy

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