Tessa Jowell can do no wrong III

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 7, 2006

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There’s a glorious letter in the Independent today. It makes me want to learn more about the author:

Sir: It gets more like the Colosseum every day. I am increasingly sickened by watching the gutter press behaving like the lions.

Tessa Jowell is my MP, and a very good one. I don’t know enough to condemn her or not but I know that the way certain sections of the Press are handling things is appalling. It’s a kind of torture by media. We’re used to trial by media, but this is different.


UPDATE – A liitle bird tells me that BT has no record of an Emma Hitchcock (nor any E. Hitchcock) living in SE24. Or anywhere in London, for that matter. Electoral rolls, anyone? I simply must know who’s responsible for the glorious spin of ‘torture by media’… such genius deserves to be rewarded.

UPDATE – Electoral rolls from 2001-2006 checked and re-checked, and still no E Hitchcock. I think we have a ringer.


  1. goatchurch says

    Voters should be in favour of their MP’s losing their ministerialships. It makes them available to represent their constituents again.

  2. Loz says

    For the last two years publically available Electoral Rolls have allowed people to opt-out from being printed, they would only be available to someone who worked in that constituencies electoral roll office, so unless you have a mole there I suppose there’s always the chance that Ms. Hitchcock has opted to go private.

  3. Manic says

    I’m willing to acknowledge that possibility, but:1. The Anne Milton affair has left me somewhat jaded on matters of ‘independent’ constituents speaking on behalf on an MP/candidate.2. The “torture by media” line *stinks* of Neo Labour spin.

  4. goatchurch says

    Also, people who are paranoid+organized enough to remove their names from the electoral register don’t normally go and ask for it to be published in a national newspaper. Good detective-work, Tim.

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