Dennis Paul has a weblog (and a secret)

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Hey everyone! Dennis Paul has a brand new weblog! It contains two lovely ‘Edit Me’ links, and he still hasn’t learned to resize images, but Dennis clearly shows that he’s still got what it takes when it comes to local photo opportunities and he has recently graduated to writing in first-person. So good for him.

However, a comment under this post caught my eye; where a ‘clever’ chap with the ‘clever’ profile name LegaliseAllDrugs^Vote_LibDem cack-handedly attempts here to pass himself off as Chris Ward (a well-known local Lib Dem activist).

This is the same guy who posted here on the Anne Milton weblog… using an IP address belonging to the Learning and Skills Council.

Normally I wouldn’t ‘take it offline’ and mess with a man’s livelihood, but all bets are off when I catch someone engaging in party politics when they should be doing their taxpayer-funded job.

‘LegaliseAllDrugs^Vote_LibDem’ is the second local Tory activist that I have caught wasting taxpayers’ money in this way. The first was… Dennis Paul.

I’d love to tell you all about that, but first I want to give Dennis a chance to deny it.

Any time you’re ready, Dennis…

(PS – Folks may not be aware that there have been recent updates to my Anne Milton weblog. Cheers all.)

UPDATE – I must be getting old. It had completely slipped my mind that Dennis Paul’s partner in crime Mike Chambers works for the Learning and Skills Council (click here and scroll down to first update). Life is full of strange coincidences, isn’t it?

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