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BBC – White House reacts to low ratings: As he strode onto the White House lawn, Scott McClellan grinned bravely over one of his last announcements as the public voice of the president – his own resignation. It is the second high-profile departure in an ongoing shake-up of a White House team that has been largely unchanged in six years. His voice cracking with emotion, Mr McClellan told the press and the president: “I’m ready to move on… I’ve given it my all, Sir.” He added: “The White House is going through a phase of transition – a change can be helpful.” The scale of that change became clearer when it emerged that the president’s political guru and chief adviser, Karl Rove, was to shed responsibility for domestic policy to concentrate on crafting a winning strategy for the Republican Party in November’s mid-term elections.

And from there Rove is sure to move on to the task of Building a Better Bush. If he’s not (finally) indicted, tried and locked up first.

McClellan I will always remember – fondly – as the professional liar who responded to revelations of torture in Guantanamo Bay (the most detailed and damaging of which originated from people who had been released without charge) by assuring the press that “terrorists are trained to lie”…

(Psst! A name appears to be missing from most of the ‘shuffle’ articles… Jim Towey. Oh, and you may enjoy some of the comments here.)

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