Tits out for Tony II

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Rebekah Wade lets fly... againI want you to look that this from the following point of view….

For many years now, the Sun newspaper as operated shamelessly as a mouthpiece for Downing Street… up to and including propaganda on Page 3.

Recently, that changed.

(If you’re new here, you may want to read the latter link for added background on placement of said propaganda and editorial priorities.)

Currently, many of Murdoch’s newspapers, rather than pushing Blair’s message and/or soft-pedalling bad news, are actually targeting the carotid artery (1, 2).

So those who think they are still dealing with the invincible Blair of yesteryear really should take a close look at editor Rebekah Wade’s total commitment to a kill-shot this morning (front page, double-page spread, page 3, lead editorial *and* cartoon) and know that his days are numbered.

Today, Page 3 stunna Ami (19, from Birmingham) is ‘outraged’ that so many foreign criminals were left to roam the streets instead of being reported and ‘says’: “It really is a shocking state of affairs. Sun readers will be absolutely furious. How can you possibly feel safe?”

The editorial – right down to the headline – is pretty unequivocal…

The Scum – Clarke must go: HUNDREDS of ex-cons who should have been kicked out of Britain are loose on our streets – and police haven’t a clue where to find them. They include three murderers, nine rapists and five child sex fiends. Others were banged up for manslaughter, thuggery, drugs and robbery. All were candidates for deportation. A flushed and sweating Charles Clarke admits people are entitled to be “concerned, possibly angry”. That’s not good enough. People are entitled to the Home Secretary’s resignation – or instant dismissal for rank negligence. Incredibly, 288 criminals have gone missing since he was first warned about the crisis. Labour’s “tough on crime” boast is a joke. Key staff do not talk to each other. As a result, dangerous hardmen are rated “low risk” and set free to kill and rape again by officials who don’t read their records. Probation staff – when they are not off sick – can’t be bothered to keep tabs. Now, almost by accident, we learn hundreds of foreign crooks have disappeared without trace. Mr Clarke, the government’s “Captain Chaos”, shrugs it off as a communications breakdown. But there is a theme to these government “blind spots”. Ministers are desperate to avoid enraging the Left by cracking down on illegals. Deportations are rare. Yet jails are bursting at the seams because 10,000 inmates – one in eight of all prisoners – are foreign-born, most of them asylum cheats. Is it possible the Government would prefer killers to disappear without trace rather than be seen loading them on the next plane home? The Home Secretary insists he is not in the “blame game”. Well, we ARE. And we blame YOU, Mr Clarke.

I remain determined to see Rupert Murdoch’s shrivelled arse nailed to a wall and Rebekah Wade’s poisonous tongue tied to a moving vehicle, but today the primary message is that Blair can no longer rely on Murdoch’s newspapers to maintain the grand illusion. He is finished.

UPDATE (27th April) – more below the fold:

Today, professional lesbians ‘Beck and Mel’ inform us that John Prescott is not their kind of bloke (they do like blokes… but only when they’re off-duty). Becky says; “I imagine he thinks a good date is a few pints of bitter and a steak pie at his local – I prefer my men a bit smoother.” Mel follows with: “Let’s be honest, he’s no Brad Pitt.”Also, the entire editorial space is dedicated to a solid Labour kicking…The Scum – Labour clowns (27 April): You thought politics was boring? Well, there are plenty of fireworks now as Whitehall erupts in low farce and high drama. We have a Home Secretary who frees foreign killers, rapists and paedophiles instead of deporting them. On the same bill, a Labour Health Secretary is slow-clapped while pleading with nurses to let her speak. In a circus sideshow, a Deputy Prime Minister and bastion of the working class is caught pants down with a trucker’s fiancee. For a garnish, ex-Labour leader Neil Kinnock gets a six-month ban for speeding. We haven’t even mentioned cash-for-peerages, the 2billion tax credit shambles or the mortgage fiasco that engulfed Cabinet minister Tessa Jowell. Or the Blair-Brown saga which may now be approaching its final act. Tony Blair’s government, which has defied political gravity for so long, is in freefall. Voters who once applauded every new Downing Street script are sitting on their hands. They resent rising taxes, lacklustre services and an NHS that swallows oceans of cash. Their children, who started school as Labour came to power, are leaving without the education they need for good jobs. But it is crime and the fear of crime that poses the real threat to New Labour. And the Prime Minister himself is now in the thick of it. Embarrassingly, he admitted he did not know key facts when he rejected Charles Clarke’s offer to quit as Home Secretary. Well, he knows now. He knows the number released actually shot UP after the alarm was raised. He knows MORE were freed in just six months than in the previous seven years. And he knows his acclaimed Sex Offenders’ Register is hopeless at tracking down paedophiles. The nightmare haunting Mr Blair is that one of these vanishing ex-cons will strike again. As sure as night follows day, one of the fiends will murder an innocent victim or defile a child. We are in extraordinary times. There’s been nothing like it since the Tories were hounded out of office for sleaze. The feeding frenzy never ceased until John Major was replaced by squeaky clean Tony Blair. Small gusts were blown into full-scale hurricanes. Today there is a whiff of the 1990s about New Labour. The danger for Mr Blair is that MPs may now decide the storms will not abate while he remains Prime Minister.UPDATE (29 April) – God, the fear-mongering makes me gag, but the attack must be noted for the record. Rather that focusing on anything solid (like, say, a conviction), the Scum point alarmingly at the smoke which promises a bigger fire. Notice especially the focus of the headline.The Scum – Clarke bungle ends in rape (29 April): Charles Clarke was fighting for survival last night after the devastating cost of his failure to deport foreign criminals was revealed. Two women were allegedly raped and one sexually assaulted by fiends who should not have been in Britain. Other victims were attacked after foreign villains were released from jail and allowed to stalk the streets. One of the alleged rapes was committed by a man freed AFTER Mr Clarke was warned of the fiasco. The damning revelations threatened to claim the Home Secretary’s scalp. And the editorial…The Scum – The last straw: (29 April): If Charles Clarke wanted to quit before, he must be praying for the end now. The appalling announcement he made yesterday left him hanging on by the tips of his fingernails. Five of the foreign prisoners his department mistakenly released have since been convicted again for drugs and violence, he said. But we also now know that one was investigated for rape and two others for rape and sex assault. It’s pure luck none had committed murder or abducted a child. Being Home Secretary is a tough job. It needs a person with great strength and a great brain. He clearly has neither.UPDATE – Another editorial…The Scum – Sack them both (01 May): Every moment that ticks by with John Prescott and Charles Clarke still in power is an insult to the people of Britain. Their continued enjoyment of high office threatens to leave Tony Blair a legacy like John Major’s – a Prime Minister too weak to sack the sleazy or incompetent. Prescott didn’t need Tracey Temple to make him a national joke – he was that long before Labour won power. But his true repugnance was only laid bare once in Government. There was never any pretence this clown ascended to power on merit. He was installed as Deputy PM simply to bridge the chasm between Blair and the party’s Left. That being so, it was always revolting to see him swanning around in a fleet of Jaguars and living in multiple homes at taxpayers’ expense. It is all the more disgusting now he is exposed as a hypocrite who, according to latest claims, cheated on his wife before and after he piously campaigned against Tory sleaze during the 1997 election. Just as appalling is the way that, after being handed a department matched in size only by his ego, he presided over colossal council tax rises while dodging his own. Theoretically, his real role is to run Britain in the boss’s absence. But no one in their right mind would trust Prescott, especially after the embarrassment he has now heaped on his office. So why is he still in the job? The same goes for Clarke, whose incompetence and sleight of hand over the “missing murderers” scandal are an outrage. He now seems to have hidden the full shocking truth about the prisoners even while seemingly coming clean over them last Friday. It is not a sign of strength that Blair is standing by this woeful pair. It is weakness: He simply fears the damage two sackings will do to his own position. Labour will get a deserved kicking in Thursday’s council elections. Voters might respect Blair more if he sacked Prescott and Clarke before then.UPDATE – And another (this one’s a right foamer)…The Scum – This is YOUR mess Blair (04 May): Tony Blair floundered yesterday as he defended the indefensible. Sure, hundreds of foreign killers, rapists and child sex perverts are on the loose when they should have been kicked out. No, police can’t find them – even though they are on licence – and have no idea what crimes they have committed since. Yes, the Home Office is in meltdown. But shucks, folks, this has been going on for decades, so don’t blame me. Not true, Prime Minister. The catastrophic breach of our borders took place on YOUR watch – as Tory leader David Cameron pointed out. That was probably the only blow Mr Cameron landed during his Commons counterattack. But it struck at the heart of the crisis engulfing this Government over asylum gangs and organised crime. The flood of illegal immigrants was a trickle when Labour took power. It exploded nightly on TV as France funnelled its unwanted flotsam across the Channel. Not a finger was lifted as they poured through gaps in the fence, boarded ferries, hid in trucks and jumped on the Eurostar to Blighty. Ministers sat on their hands and – disgracefully – branded critics “racist”… until elections loomed. They ignored the fury of their own supporters as illegals jumped the queue for homes and welfare. Evidence of soaring AIDS and TB was swept under the carpet. Now the PM and Home Secretary Charles Clarke claim they acted the moment the alarm was raised in July by Audit Office watchdogs. Rubbish. Information had to be prised out of the Home Office at every stage. MPs were insultingly obstructed and misled as they tried to raise the alarm. In a show of desperation, Mr Blair now insists every foreigner jailed for serious crime – including thousands of EU citizens – must be deported. Too late! Brussels has just issued Directive 2004/38 saying he can’t do that. As angry voters head for the polls today, they will want to know: WHY violent illegals earmarked for deportation are freed after serving half their time. WHY their human rights come ahead of those they attack and rob. WHY their right to residency or asylum is not revoked the moment they are convicted. WHY criminals who destroy their papers are not kept in jail until they reveal their nationality. And most damningly of all, why hasn’t Charles Clarke been sacked?UPDATE – Whoops. We missed one. No matter. Blair Watch caught it.

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