New Statesman New Media Awards 2006

Posted by Tim Ireland at May 26, 2006

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I’m really not sure how I’m going to approach the 2006 New Statesman New Media Awards.

I remain convinced that their decision non-decision last year (1, 2) was a deliberate snub (especially because they made a point of pressing Boris to attend when they knew they were not going to present an award in his category).

The matter remains largely unresolved as the editor John Kampfner and I abandoned our rather intense discussion on the matter when this happened.

But part of me knows that an ‘Advocacy’ award for Backing Blair will grease the wheels.

And, after the distinct anti-Tory vibe I got from at least one of their judges last year, another part of me wonders how they would react to the Anne Milton weblog being nominated under the ‘Advocacy’ category.

Still, I guess I’ll never know unless you take the time to nominate either, or both… or perhaps even Boris Johnson, who has been nominated again this year.

Cheers all.

(Head down. Arse up. Back to election return data.)

UPDATE – Personal/political issues aside, I also think that Guido warrants a nod for ‘Information’ (the individual or organisation that best uses new media technology to provide an alternative, informative voice enhancing democratic debate)… so I’ve backed that up with this nomination.


  1. Guido Fawkes says

    In the words of General Sherman “If nominated I shall not accept, if elected I shall not serve.”Have no interest in this award. This is my second nomination and whilst I am egotistically enhanced by them both – who cares?These awards are crap and some of the judges are complete media tarts surviving only on handouts from the taxpayers. So many of these awards for blogs are a waste of pixels.Guido is more interested in being widely read than widely liked. The only award that matters to me is that month after month, hundreds of thousands of readers come to my blog.When Guardian readers voted my blog best political commentary blog it amused me immensely and allowed me to take the piss out of the Guardian for months.N.B. I believe The New Statesman makes less profit than my blog and has fewer readers. Who are they to judge?

  2. Manic says

    That’s a lot of comment for someone with no interest, Guido.;oP

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