Two elections… two cocks

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I’m terribly sorry, but *someone* has to make a note of this kind of thing for the record… it may as well be me.

May 4th 2005: The Sun tells the world that Blair has a huge cock that he puts to good use 5 times a night.

May 4th 2006: A year to the day, on the eve of another election, and again it’s All About Teh Cock (but oh, how things have changed).

The Scum – Two Shags has two inches: Two Shags John Prescott has a manhood the size of a COCKTAIL SAUSAGE, says ex-lover Tracey Temple. The lardy Deputy Prime Minister might have the body of a saveloy but in the department where it matters he is a chipolata, she recorded in her diaries… Prescott’s wife Pauline, 66, has stood by her man – but by the sound of things he certainly seems to have another little problem in his life.

They’re not talking up a big majority this time, either…

The Scum – Blair braced for disaster: Tony Blair was this morning smiling at the polling station despite facing a Black Thursday at the elections. He is resigned to huge losses nationwide. It emerged last night he has been warned privately that today’s local elections could even produce a nightmare scenario of 400 lost seats.

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