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Independent – Mohammed Abdulkahar tells the story of terror raid that backfired: To come into my house like that, accusing me, shooting me in my chest, and saying that I was a terrorist, it really hurt. As to the identity or motive of the police informant, I have no idea. I’m in the same situation as everyone else. In my eyes, the person that said this – gave the police inaccurate intelligence – they are the terrorists to me. They terrorised me and my family. The comments of Tony Blair, that comment I heard, it was the most hurtful thing. He said he was 101 per cent for the raid, 101 per cent for the hole in my chest. I’m the same age as his son – I’m as innocent as his son.

After these brothers were arrested, certain representatives of the media assured us that the hunt was on for a ‘missing bomb’…

This same crowd did their best to discredit/smear either or both parties when it looked like the police might have made a bit of a mistake. Here’s just one example clearly designed to assure the public that the police had moral cause, if not solid grounds…

7 June: Daily Mail – Brother of terror raid men took part in Prophet cartoon demo: When this photograph of a man dressed up as a suicide bomber was published around the world, it caused widespread disgust. But today it has taken on a more significant meaning, for the man on the left is an older brother of the suspects arrested during last Friday’s controversial terror raid in East London. Mohammed Abdullah Hasnath was pictured standing next to Omar Khayam, who was dressed as a suicide bomber at a demonstration in London in February against the publication of satirised cartoons featuring the Prophet Mohammed. He was pictured wearing a scarf on his face and waving a black flag during the protest. Khayam, 22, later publicly apologised for causing offence by dressing up as a suicide bomber.

(Click here for clarification on that last ‘point’.)

Someone raised the following possibility the other day, and the more I consider the circumstances of this event – and the way it was reported – the more it rings true:

Is it possible that the source of this ‘quality’ intelligence was a ‘helpful’ reporter?

(Psst! Remember this?)

UPDATE – Some more smears, ‘proof of guilt’ by proximal osmosis, and other helpful items, with many ‘insider’ extras appearing to originate from the Murdoch camp. Watch carefully for the all-important echo-effect as the timeline progresses:

4 June: NOTW – Bomb suspect shot by brother (By Lucy Panton and Ryan Sabey): Security sources say the cops were confronted by the Muslim brothers, who were trying to run down the steps, and a scuffle broke out. This is understood to have climaxed with 20-year-old Abdul Koyair making a grab for a police firearm, which already had its safety catch off. In the desperate struggle that followed, the gun was fired and the bullet hit 23-year-old mail worker Abdul Kahar in the shoulder.

4 June: The Sun – Stooge sketched bomb (by Simon Hughes and Mike Sullivan): A stooge helped sketch a cyanide bomb he claimed to have seen for security chiefs, it was revealed last night. The high-level informant – operating in the midst of extremist Islamic groups – assisted artists in putting together a drawing of what the device looked like. And it was information from the grass, who is regarded as highly reliable, which led to a police raid on a house in East London where a man was shot. Victim Mohammed Abdul Kahar, 23, was transferred from hospital to top-security Paddington Green pority sources said the link with Hasnath justified the raid. One said: “It is highly significant that there is a link between Hasnath and the brothers. Hasnath took part in an anti-West demo and was seen associating with the mock suicide bomber Khayam. He gave the prison authorities the address where the raid was carried out as his home. He certainly lived there before he was jailed. This only helps to prove that we were 100 per cent right to carry out that raid.” Hasnath was on day release from Springhill Open Prison, Bucks, when he attended the London rally. Marchers’ banners proclaimed “Britain you will pay – 7/7 on its way”. Hasnath was returned to jail for breaching parole. Khayam – a convicted drug dealer – had also been released on licence and was immediately sent back to jail. Last Friday Hasnath, who has a different father to the two brothers, flew into a rage in his cell when he heard of the raid. Fellow inmates heard him shout: “That’s my brother, that’s my brother. I want to break free, I want to get out of here.” As a result of the outburst, he was moved to Grendon top security prison in Bucks.

(*Sigh*…. the ‘he set out to look like a suicide bomber’ assertion again. I ask you to click here for clarification and wonder why the police are playing this same game. Oh, and where the Scum are getting this inside information. Oh, and I’ve already linked to this article, but need to pop a copy into the timeline for reasons that should be obvious.)

7 June: Daily Mail – Brother of terror raid men took part in Prophet cartoon demo

7 June: The Sun – ‘Poison’ bro armed robber (by John Kay and Mike Sullivan): The jailed half-brother of two terror suspects seized over a feared “poison bomb” plot is a vicious armed robber, The Sun can reveal. Mohammad Abdullah Hasnath – who we pictured yesterday at an anti-West rally while on day release from jail – is serving six years for three raids. The Flying Squad arrested him after he held up two shoe shops and an East London money exchange armed with a handgun. Hasnath was jailed in 2003 after admitting armed robbery and firearms offences… Neighbour Zeyn Atcha told yesterday how the two idolised Hasnath. The student, 17, said: “They used to hang on his every word, and would even dress in similar styles.”

UPDATE – Hard to believe, but they’re still at it…

15 June: The Sun – Raid brothers’ 38k stash (By Mike Sullivan): Anti-terror cops were last night trying to find out why the two brothers arrested over a suspected poison bomb plot had a 38,000 pound stash in their house. The fortune – in CASH – was allegedly found in a bedroom after the pair were arrested in a swoop on their modest terraced home. Police quizzed Mohammed Abdul Kahar, 23, and his brother Abul Koyair, 20, about the money during the week they spent in custody. But neither would tell them where it came from. Last night a security source said: “It was a hell of a lot to have knocking around. The cash was in a bedroom, much of it in 50 pound notes. Urgent inquiries are being carried out to trace the source of the money and what it was intended for.” Police were desperate to learn how Kahar, a postal worker, and Tesco shelf-stacker Koyair could have had such a vast sum in their house. The pair denied being involved in terrorism after they were released without charge from London’s top-security Paddington Green nick. They also slammed police as they held a press conference accusing officers of brutality. Kahar, who was shot in the chest as gun cops stormed the house in Forest Gate, East London, insisted: “They tried to murder me.” Koyair – with his brother whose arm is in a sling – added that whoever ordered the raid should be “put to justice”. But neither they nor their lawyers made any mention of the 38,000 pounds.

That’s funny… the police didn’t say (or do) anthing about the cash either… when they had these men in custody! The article goes on…

The brothers were arrested after an MI5 informant said he had seen a cyanide device which was believed to have been stored at their home. No such bomb was found – but the security services are still taking the information seriously. Experts are examining a computer found in the house. The Met’s assistant commissioner Andy Hayman defended the raid, insisting: “The intelligence received did raise serious concerns for public safety. “On that basis we had no choice but to mount a robust operation, which required a fast armed response.” Another factor in deploying armed officers was that the address had a previous link with firearms. The elder brother of Kahar and Koyair was arrested for three armed robberies in 2002 and later jailed for six years. Mohammed Abdullah Hasnath used a black pistol during the East London raids. He was living at the Forest Gate house at the time of his arrest. The gun was never recovered. Kahar is also believed to have nine convictions for offences committed while he was a juvenile between 1996 and 1999. He was given a two-year sentence in a young offenders’ institution for false imprisonment and also has convictions for robbery, burglary, possession of an offensive weapon and theft. Koyair does not have a criminal record.

UPDATE – I think it’s pretty obvious what a certain asexual ginger freak is implying here. What a pity she couldn’t find space for this today…

16 June: Guardian – Cash found in house raid was ‘rent’: “We cannot understand how and why a further false account is being printed about our family,” she added. “What is being said is reckless and wrong and being recycled by those who wish to believe the worst of my family and ensure that their slur reaches the widest audience.”

UPDATE – In light of this new evidence (below), I’m going to rephrase the question:

Is it possible that the source of this ‘quality’ intelligence was a ‘helpful’ tabloid journalist?

18 June: Independent – Police source for Forest Gate raid ‘had IQ of 69’: A man with lower-than-average intelligence is believed to have prompted the anti-terror raid in London’s Forest Gate, during which one man was shot, it was claimed last night. In what could prove to be highly embarrassing for the police and security services, the 22-year-old man, who has an IQ of just 69, was the trigger behind the dawn raid this month, according to the Sunday Mirror.

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