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Posted by Tim Ireland at July 13, 2006

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OK, bear with me guys… I’m a tad rusty:

I must finally admit that Bush and Blair’s pre-emptive strike against Iraq was a wise move. After all, this model of democracy in the Middle East can now play a vital role in restoring stability to the region following the recent unpleasantness in and around Isra….

Oh. Sorry. I’ll move on, shall I?

Britain still has a role to play, and I’m sure that Tony Blair will immediately send his envoy to the Middle East, and…

Oh. Erm… hang on…

Well, look, let’s be reasonable. No charges have been laid, no evidence has been produced, so it would be wrong to condemn the man on the basis of this theatrical arrest and without due….

Wait a minute… they what? No, that can’t be right.

Surely, as was the case with John Prescott, the matter should be based on evidence not carefully coordinated smears (and I must say that it’s heartening to see that someone in Downing Street is on the case).

And I remain sure that – even with the summer holiday nearly upon us – that the acting Prime Minister will be capable of dealing with this and other matters when…

Oh. I almost forgot about that bit.

Can I go home now?

UPDATE – Ah! Excellent! An item for sale on eBay that solves everything.

UPDATE – Lord Levy – An Apology

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