Dennis Paul makes a big mistake

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[Note – Excuse me for repeating a lot of Dennis Paul’s content in this post; it’s just that the man has a bad habit of deleting content once it’s (finally) clear to him that an argument has failed to go his way. He once deleted an entire post that was part of a recent paedo-fear campaign because of a single ‘inappropriate comment’.]

Dennis Paul is in for a surprise...I first encountered Dennis Paul when he released this racist pamphlet as part of Anne Milton’s 2005 election campaign. An important thing to note here is that Dennis Paul may not actually be a racist himself; he’s just proven himself willing to exploit the fears of others for political gain.

Now, the thing that gets Dennis Paul going – the one thing that’s guaranteed to make him attack – is any suggestion that Anne Milton is less than perfect. In fact, he reacts as predictably as any little boy would if you said something about his mother.

The nastiest of these attacks are made ‘anonymously’ which – in theory – allows Dennis to maintain the moral high ground if anybody dares to say anything about him and have the guts to put their name to it.

In theory, that is.

Dennis found himself in hot water this time last year when I tracked a number of anonymous comments on the Anne Milton weblog to his place of work (Sutton Council).

As I’ve said before; normally it’s considered poor form to take a dispute offline… but when a man who is running for a position that involves him spending public money and he’s shown himself willing to abuse a similar position, all bets are off. I lodged a formal complaint.

While that complaint was being processed, another visit was tracked from Sutton Council’s servers which totally nailed him as the perpetrator. The afternoon before his short-lived exposé page (The Sewer) came into being, Dennis spent an entire weekday afternoon in his office accessing 52 different pages from my core site and the Anne Milton weblog – i.e. doing research for his shiny new web page. Soon afterwards, I was informed that the Council had “investigated this matter and taken appropriate action” and that they had “reviewed and actioned changes to its network security to prevent a reoccurence (sic).” (It should also be noted for the record that his partner in crime Mike Chambers is guilty of exactly the same thing, and soon you, me and everybody who knows how to use a search engine will find out how seriously the Learning and Skills Council treats such matters.)

When Dennis Paul isn’t making cowardly anonymous attacks, he busies himself assuring the public that they are under constant threat of crime and social disorder, and only he and his Tory chums stand between them and the end of civilisation as we know it. Unlike his opponents, who waste time with party-political snipes as the danger grows ever-greater. (See – Fear: inappropriate and dishonest use of.)

This is a perfect example of this type of action and, yes, we’re just about to get bang up to date…. stay with me.

The one thing the anonymous attacks and his public statements have in common (apart from claims that I’m some kind of computer hacker) is the false and deliberately misleading assertion that I’m employed by the local Liberal Democrats and this is what motivates me to launch ‘personal’ attacks against Anne Milton.

Allow me to state the following for the record:

I have done work for a Labour MP. I have done work for a Conservative MP. I have also done work for the Liberal Democrats as a party, but I have never done work for a Liberal Democrat MP, local or otherwise. I was not connected to Sue Doughty’s campaign during the 2005 election, and I am not connected with the developing campaign now.

In fact, I think it’s highly unlikely that Sue Doughty will be running against Anne Milton in the next election, as odds are Milton will be deselected as a result of her ongoing laziness and ineptitude… the latest example of which is her poor attendance record on the Health Select Committee.


OK, now we’re up to date. Because Anne Milton is totally incapable of tackling this charge head-on, once again it’s up to Dennis Paul to sling some mud around in the hope that some will stick, or at least cloud the surrounding waters. Here’s his response (emphasis is mine):

Dennis Paul, Conservative Campaigner: Brutal Attack At Ashenden

Residents of Ashenden estate have rallied behind Conservative campaigner Mike Chambers campaign to improve security at the pathway by Tesco following a vicious attack there last week. The victim, a neighbour of mine lives at Beech Grove. He was attacked by youths late at night and is in a serious condition in hospital following the attack. I raised the issue of security in 2004 and was successful in getting the pathway shrubs cut back. More recently, despite sneers from our opponents mocking our concerns on this issue, Mike Chambers and Conservative Councillor for Onslow Sheila Kirkland visited the site reviewing lighting in the area. Your local Conservative Team are liaising with the Police and Tesco to tackle security on a number of fronts. Mike Chambers launched a Petition last week immediately following the news and has received a tremendous response, calling for a range of security measures in the area.

Opponent? You what?

Dennis Paul is obviously referring to this, which was a personal reaction to his political shenanigans, not a political attack by his ‘opponents’, as he would have people think.

I submitted the following comment in response:

Erm… Dennis? I’m not your opponent, mate.

Oh, and you should know by now that I’m not a big fan of people who climb over bodies to claim the moral high ground.

The next day, a series of comments were cleared for publication, but mine was not.

So I sent Dennis the following email:

I knew you wouldn’t have the guts to publish my comment.

Now I know that you’re either an outright liar or completely delusional.

(And if you’re running as a candidate in any election, it really doesn’t matter which.)

Here’s Cheers, Pap Smears


And the response? Ha! I just know that you’re going to love this:

Dennis Paul, Conservative Campaigner: Things Turn Nasty!

Following my last post on the Ashenden Attack, one of my ‘opponents’ has saw fit to send in a vitriolic email containing a nasty personal attacks. This fellow, thought to have a close Liberal Democrat connection signs off as ‘pap smears’ which perhaps sheds light on his motives.

Despite this email, readers will see from my last post on the Ashenden Attack, that his cynical remarks were in fact accepted. However, just to keep him happy (ie give him something to protest about) I have removed the comment anyway.

It is disappointing that people who are trying to positively raise awareness about security threats and seek improvements are attacked in such a negative way.

I invite Liberal Democrats to support our campaign.

(Psst! Tell the truth and shame the devil, Dennis. You were lucky enough to have queued that comment rather than delete it.. which allowed you to publish it just long enough for you to save this ‘proof’ to disk… before swiftly deleting said comment.)

Dennis Paul has made a big, big mistake here. When acting anonymously, he and Mike Chambers can (perhaps) afford to be a little more overt in their claims that I’m part of the local Liberal Democrat campaign team, but – until now – he’s been very careful about publishing actionable defamatory/libellous material under his own name and/or on his own website.

Repeat: until now.

As heavily-qualified as his claims may be the second time around, this post clearly confirms the intention/suggestion behind his unequivocal classification of me as an ‘opponent’ in his earlier post.

Dennis Paul, I’m calling you out. Again. Either prove the claim or delete it and publish an apology.

If we end up in court, I’ll be calling on representatives from Sutton Council and the Learning & Skills Council as witnesses. I will be forced to do this for practical reasons even if Mike Chambers is not included in this action. Each organisation will have records of material that either you or Mike Chambers have published anonymously from your place of work. This, in turn, will tie either or both of you to the relevant Blogger accounts and thereby make you accountable for *all* of the material published under these accounts. Do you *really* want this to happen?

UPDATE (4pm) – Several visits from inside Parliament ( and Conservative Central Office ( have been recorded and noted this afternoon. Thank you chaps. Now I know that you know what I know. And the action you’ll be taking/recommending is…?

UPDATE (15 Aug) – *Sigh*… When paranoia meets ignorance II

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