Guildford Conservative smears (in a nutshell)

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 24, 2006

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Here’s the short version for newcomers and those with short attention spans:

Since starting a weblog about my local MP (Anne Milton), I have been attacked online on a regular basis (both openly and anonymously) by two local Conservative campaigners, both of whom played an integral role in Anne Milton’s election campaign.

– Dennis Paul (Conservative campaigner for Worplesdon Borough Ward)
– Mike Chambers (Conservative campaigner for Onslow)

For the record: I am not a current member of the Liberal Democrats. I am not a former member of the Liberal Democrats. I am not a campaigner for the local Liberal Democrats, nor have I been at any stage in my life. I have done creative/production work for the Liberal Democrats in the past (and plan to do more), but I have also done creative/production work for a Conservative MP and a Labour MP (and plan to do more).

Nevertheless, these idiots are convinced (and/or seek to convince others) that I’m part of a vast Liberal Democrat conspiracy against them.

On August 16, 2006 I published evidence that closely associated both Dennis Paul and Mike Chambers with a series of anonymous weblogs that smear myself, a local Liberal Democrat campaigner, and the Liberal Democrats in general.

The smear against the local Liberal Democrat campaigner is by far the worst; at a weblog under the name ‘Jonesy12’, claims that he is a paedophile have been aired repeatedly and relentlessly.

The victim of this smear just happens to be the direct political opponent of Mike Chambers, and on August 22, 2006 I published irrefutable proof that Mike Chambers is directly responsible for the ‘Jonesy12′ weblog and the claims published there.

This has been brought to the attention of Mike Chambers’ employer (the Learning & Skills Council) as the ‘Jonesy12’ weblog appears to have been created/promoted from his work computer during work hours. I have been informed that an internal investigation is underway.

This has also been brought to the attention of Conservative Central Office. They referred it to Guildford Conservative Association. I have been in touch with them, but so far the only contact I have had has been with Anne Milton’s researcher.

But since all of this happened, further updates have been made to two of the anonymous weblogs, including the one I now know is owned and operated by Mike Chambers.

In short, no effective action has been taken by the local Conservatives.

And that’s why we are now at war.


  1. septicisle says

    Have you thought of contacting Private Eye, Tim? I’m sure they’d love something like this.

  2. Manic says

    Done. Ta.I hadn’t really boiled it down before, so wasn’t sure if it would fit on the ‘Rotten Boroughs’ page.:o)

  3. Boriswatch says

    Boris at Surrey University

    Boris is visiting Surrey University – just a few miles from Boriswatch HQ – today at 4.30pm as part of his tour of UK universities. More information here, from a site whose maker – self-styled “Local Champion” Mike Chambers -…

  4. Martin - Guildford says

    Some things never change…. Conservative still seem to be getting a thrashing. The UKIP vote continues to grow in Guildford but the Tories seem to maintain overall control in the area.

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