Channel 4 inspires terrorists with the revelation that bullets can kill

Posted by Tim Ireland at September 1, 2006

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Mirror – Bush Whacked: Fury as Dubya ‘assassinated’ by C4: A hard-hitting British TV drama that shows President Bush assassinated by a terrorist sniper sparked outrage last night… John Beyer of TV watchdog MediaWatch said the drama was irresponsible and could even spark a real-life assassination attempt. He added: “There’s a lot of feeling against President Bush and this may well put ideas into people’s heads.” And Mr Beyer issued a stark warning to Channel 4 bosses, saying: “If something happens as a consequence of this film, then blood is on their hands. Film-makers must understand how much power the media has. For that reason, the film should not be screened.” (via)

As you might expect, Media Watch Watch has a comment on the John Beyer comment.

My views on this kind of thing are clear:

Bloggerheads – October 2003: While Bush’s mouthpiece Ari Fleischer may see fit to flout US law prohibiting the assassination of foreign leaders by dropping less-than-subtle hints, you should not under any circumstances attempt to pierce George W. Bush’s brain with a bullet. It’s not only a close-to-impossible shot, it’s a very silly thing to do.

But I want to know where the hell John Beyer was when I needed publicity for this little number.

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  1. Steven Smith says

    If I’m not mistaken one of the biggest TV shows in the US is ’24’. The 1st series features the attempted assassination of a presidential candidate and the second a nuclear bomb placed in Los Angeles. I’m sure the rest of that show features various terrorist plots but that isn’t a problem.If it really is a problem I want every detective show removed from TV since it obviously provides a blueprint for murderers to carry out their nefarious deeds.

  2. Jherad says

    Right, but ’24’ carries important messages from the almighty Fox.Like, ‘Torture is not always bad’.

  3. Manic says

    (sings)There is always… a ticking time bomb…

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