David Taylor: well and truly rumbled

Posted by Tim Ireland at September 11, 2006

Category: Tony 'King Blair

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Monday, September 11th, 2006
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Take a look at this (spotted by Dizzy):

Domain name: johnson4leader.co.uk
Registrant: David Taylor
Registered on: 05-Sep-2006

Domain name: johnson4leader.org.uk
Registrant: David Taylor
Registered on: 05-Sep-2006

Domain name: johnson4leader.com
Registrant: David Taylor
Registered on: 05-Sep-2006

Domain name: johnson4leader.org
Registrant: David Taylor
Registered on: 05-Sep-2006

Look at the dates; before there was an alleged plot by Brownites to depose Blair, there was an actual plot by Blairites to undermine the Chancellor and push Alan Johnson as the next PM!

In the last hour, Taylor has started redirecting these domains to the home page of U.S. Senator Tim Johnson in a pathetic attempt to throw people off the scent. But he – and Blair – are totally busted. So much for calls for unity.

UPDATE – At the same as he registered these domain names, David Taylor also registered alanjohnson.info, davecameron.org.uk, gordonbrown.org (which you’re already familiar with), and thelabourparty.net, *plus* the following back-ups for an existing project, just so no-one could hijack him, I suppose: transpero.org.uk, transpero.info, transpero.org, transpero.co.uk (why, it’s almost as if David had a little bit of cash lying around and thought ‘what the hell’…)

UPDATE – Now David Taylor’s trying his puppy-dog act on Dizzy.

IMHO, David should abandon his dream of becoming the next Alastair Campbell; Ali-C doesn’t care who thinks he’s a bastard, and is just a little bit better at covering his tracks on covert operations.

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  1. Juvenal says

    This is great investigative stuff. I’ve given it some publicity and hope others will too.Did you notice Leighton Andrews’ comments on the Labour leadership?”It’s a shame some people seem to want to continue the feud. I believe most people in Welsh Labour want Gordon Brown to succeed Tony Blair, as do a majority in the party in the UK. I certainly do. It is complete madness for senior figures in the party to spend their energy undermining our most likely next Leader.”

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