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Posted by Tim Ireland at October 10, 2006

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Take a look at this video of highlights from David Cameron’s conference speech. Go about halfway through (i.e to 2:30 onwards), listen to Cameron declare his support for civil partnerships and then watch the audience react to this.

All done? Good.

OK, I’m about to rock your world. Stand by….

What David Cameron said was this:

“There’s something special about marriage. It’s not about religion. It’s not about morality. It’s about commitment. When you stand up there, in front of your friends and your family, in front of the world, whether it’s in a church or anywhere else, what you’re doing really means something. Pledging yourself to another means doing something brave and important. You are making a commitment. You are publicly saying: it’s not just about me, me me anymore. It is about we – together, the two of us, through thick and thin. That really matters. And by the way, it means something whether you’re a man and a woman, a woman and a woman or a man and another man. That’s why we were right to support civil partnerships, and I’m proud of that.” – David Cameron (transcript and analysis)

The immediate cutaway to the audience shows the wider public that this view is not universally shared or supported by the Conservative rank and file…

… but it also provides our little gathering with something of particular interest, adding valuable context to recent developments.

I shall try to explain through the medium of modern darnce!

No… wait… that won’t work.

OK, let’s go with poetry instead…


Did you see the guy in the blue shirt and tie?
Did you see him not clapping and perhaps wonder why?

He saw he was monitored. What did he do?
He adjusted his face (and his tie a bit, too).

Did he clap? Not at all. Not even for show.
He made his mind up a long time ago:

“Gay men are sick! They’re paedophiles, too!”
(But it’s rare that he’ll openly share this view.)

Who is this guy in the blue shirt and tie?
He got my attention; you’re wondering why…

He speaks for Anne Milton, (mostly from his rear-end);
He’s our Michael Chambers (or ‘Mike’ to his friends).

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