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1. The project is called National Service and a teaser page just went live.

2. A closing statement has been published at Backing Blair. It contains a hint or two.

3. I’ve been quietly releasing material to YouTube. Go see.

4. 21st-century political cartooning has just reached the Guardian. Congratulations, Beau Bo D’Or!

5. Here’s something that should keep you busy. My original petition is certain to be rejected as my describing a lying, torturing murdering bastard as a lying, torturing murdering bastard is bound to be classified as ‘a false or defamatory statement’…. so instead I want to see how far I get calling on him to stand on his head and juggle ice-cream. This petition project has significant value (well done, mysociety)… but it also shows that there is significant value in creating and maintaining your own little corner of Teh Interwebs… where you can (*gasp*) acknowledge party-politics (without, say, committing to it entirely) and create/maintain material that doesn’t have to be cleared by the Labour Party and/or Downing Street first.

See you soon(ish), folks.

UPDATE – Hurray! Sign here, please.

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