Frank Field: useful idiot

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 23, 2007

Category: The War on Stupid

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Frank Field (MP) – Fiddling while London burns: A successful terrorist attack on London could make part of the capital uninhabitable for decades and make Britain permanently poorer. Yet, while London awaits its fate, Scotland Yard is fiddling away on an enquiry into the alleged sale of honours. How can the Metropolitan commissioner defend this enquiry as the best use of scarce police resources?

Beg pardon? You what?!

OK, if we’re going to start playing this fucking game…

Why is the London Met wasting resources pestering Brian Haw and/or saving Tony Blair from embarrassment?

(Oh, do forgive me… I haven’t engaged my fear chip or employed full doublethink! SOCPA is there to protect our right to free speech… and, of course, to stop terrorists from hiding behind our placards.)

[Note – If you wish, you can contact Frank Field MP via this web page. Don’t expect him to listen, though… the man is well and truly compromised.]

(Link via

UPDATE – Read more about other clever-clogs MPs who take your security seriously here.

UPDATE – Not entirely unrelated; Chicken Yoghurt: All but one ‘Respect Zone’ (Hastings Borough Council) are having local elections this year. Just saying, is all.

Looks to me like there’s more than one ‘surge’ going on at the moment…

UPDATE (24 Jan) – All hail, Sir Ken Macdonald!


  1. Gregg says

    Field is much more than just a useful idiot. He's repeatedly said he believes Blair should remain as leader beyond the next election. His ministerial career came to an abrupt end when senior colleagues (probably Brown and Prescott) threatened to resign if Blair tried to implement Field's proposals for scrapping the remains of the benefits system. Since then he's supplemented his Parliamentary income by writing pamphlets for Thatcherite think-tanks.

  2. Manic says

    He's just replied to me with this: "Tony Blair ruined my career. I owe him nothing. So don't bother your silly little head in thinking I put any arguments forward to save Mr Blair."

  3. Ministry of Truth says

    Sunset Boulevard

    Can someone please remind me which political party Frank Field MP is member of? (rhetorical)Or perhaps remind Frank, as he seems to be more than a bit confused of late, is his latest missive on Comment is Free is anything to go by.A successful terror…

  4. septicisle says

    So instead of being a useful idiot, he's just an idiot.

  5. Tom says

    I've written to the Chair of the MPA asking him what he thinks of a non-London MP horning in on his territory and talking rubbish.

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