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Blast! Plugged this, but forgot to blog it;

Which French Stereotype Are You?

Words by me, illustrations by the most-excellent mushybees. Sure, it’s work… but it aims to raise a point, and some laughs. Enjoy.


  1. scotch says

    Yup, I am, somewhat inevitably, a cheese-eating surrender monkey.Tell me something I don't know.But I don't really like the big smelly French cheese. Or Gerard Depardieu.

  2. Jherad says

    Sadly, also a cheese-eating surrender monkey.Sooo, national service… *pokes* Soon? Getting very curious!

  3. Manic says


  4. Juvenal says

    Apparently, I'm a Parisian Seductress. Wait till my wife finds out.Your efforts have spurred me into creating my own quiz: Could you run the Home Office? Not as pretty as yours, but it works:

  5. Manic says

    Hahahahahaha! I love that. You kind of run out of viable options as the quiz goes on, but the laughs are worth it.Apparently, I'm 4% Home Secretary material.

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