Another example of New Tory censorship

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Monday, February 5th, 2007
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During the recent Bit Of Necessary, Jackie Danicki busied herself making false claims that I had stolen an image from her.

She did this to bully me into removing an image of Paul Staines from my website (Paul has, of course, ‘borrowed’ many images in the past, and under the pseudonym ‘Guido Fawkes’ he even objected to being bullied in this way by News Of The World).

The way the entries were phrased and placed would suggest that this accusation was also designed to undermine my credibility (after I had dared to – *gasp* – question the credibility of Paul Staines).

She responded to my last email with the single word ‘unsubscribe’, so I’m assuming that I am now unable to email Jackie without her screaming “Spammer!”

Instead, I have twice submitted comments to her weblog – in an entirely polite and relevant fashion – requesting that she correct or delete the offending entries (that she was ‘courteous’ enough to leave on other people’s weblogs).

She did not publish the comments I submitted; I’m assuming she has chucked both of them into the virtual bin. (In other words, she’s been censoring her comments, too.)

And she has not responded to this or any other request that she remove/retract her entirely false claims about image theft.

Guido’s corner is simply chock-full of charmers, isn’t it?

(Psst! I can’t wait to see what Ellee Seymour is going to bounce back with…. but if I were a gambling man, I’d place an each-way bet on her ignoring the matter or copying Iain Dale and playing the victim. Surely she’s too nice to go for that other all-too-common New Tory Blogger defence technique… character assassination.)

UPDATE – On that subject… look at what everyone’s favourite ‘anti-establishment’ channel is up to now.

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