Iain Dale, you are so full of it!

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Iain Dale – Comment moderation is now on: Since I switched off comment moderation two weeks ago I had only had to delete three posts until yesterday. But a concerted campaign of anonymous posting has been launched – I’ll leave you to speculate who by – and I’m not prepared to be the focus of nasty smears by people who hide in anonymity.

I’m sorry, Iain, but the anonymous posts have turned out to be far more useful to you than to me, so you can take your speculation and stick it in your cake-hole.

As for nasty smears by people who hide in anonymity, I wish to remind Iain that he happily endorsed Paul ‘Guido Fawkes’ Staines as the UK’s leading ‘open and honest’ political blogger, even though ‘Guido’ relies heavily on… nasty smears delivered by those who hide in anonymity (who then typically cry like little girls when they get the outing they deserve):

Bloggerheads – Guido’s bluffs, toughs and fluffers
Bloggerheads – The De-Briefing (Guido and his political astro-turfers)

For the record, I called Iain Dale a query-undermining distraction-seeking motherfucker on this website, but I do not recall using ‘the C-word’ on his, not matter what he might be inferring.

I’ve also had to deal with far worse from the gang of thugs that hang out at his website and Paul’s…. and I don’t have the luxury of defending myself via anonymous comments on my own damn website.

Even worse; though moderation was switched on prior to 11:41am (when Iain made his announcement), he still approved this comment for publication after it was submitted at 11:44am:

Anonymous said…

Iain, I fear Mr Maniac or whatever he is called is getting more and more deluded. His tedious spam is increasing in volume. His bizarre conspiracy theories are getting ever more bizarre. Apparently posting new items to your blog, something you do every day, is ‘burying’ something, rather than the more rational explanation of posting new content, something you seem to do rather regularly. And what is he burying? Ah yes, some crackpot theory that a Tory moaning about Red Ken must be a big conspiracy.

What a loon. Can someone call in the mental nurses.
11:44 AM

That, children, is what is known as a nasty smear by a person who hides in anonymity. There’s a fair bit of astro-turfing in this that just happens to follow Iain’s unique version of reality.

So why has Iain introduced comment moderation all of a sudden if he’s still letting this crap through? Well, I’ll leave you to speculate, shall I?

Surely the ideal solution would be to change his current Blogger settings that allow other web users (and Iain) to post comments anonymously?

(Hint: don’t hold your breath!)

The simple fact is that Iain is less concerned about ‘anonymous smears’, and far more concerned about awkward questions from people who are not afraid to have their identities known.

Finally, he has quite cheekily lumped such pertinent questions with ‘smears’ that he most likely posted himself.

When it comes to honest debate, Iain Dale is a duplicitous coward… and a mean and nasty one at that.

PS – Frank Burns eats worms.

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