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Posted by Tim Ireland at February 21, 2007

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David Miliband’s inclusion of certain right-wing blog-cheats and spammers on his blogroll (see here and here) should be seen for what it is; a desperate attempt at street-cred.

Miliband is not a genuine political blogger. Not because he has his staff blog for him, but because his blog is set up in a way that forbids any meaningful political discussion.

Alastair Campbell has used a different technique to achieve this same end (as has Paul de Laire Staines on his Guido Fawkes weblog).

The reaction from Iain Dale speaks for itself. (Send forth the flying monkeys!)

The reaction from ‘Guido’, however, deserves some analysis, even if it’s just to notate the myth-building:

1. The ‘spin hating’ gentleman who loves to shout “Conspiracy loon!” at his critics is still running with his carefully-crafted spin that any criticism directed at him comes from panicky Brownites who fear his awesome powers. Sadly, this conspiracy theory is undermined by Paul’s bad habit of running away whenever he’s called on this bullshit. (See the two most recent examples here and here.)

2. Just as he did when he had his little hissy-fit over a certain Guardian article, ‘Guido’ is doing what he can to tie this activity to Tom Watson and Tom Watson alone. Guido be Big Hunter… hunt Big Game.

3. ‘Guido’ has a bit of a nerve bitching about what the Miliband blog costs the taxpayer… he’s a self-confessed-tax dodger!

In short, Paul de Laire Staines has again proved himself to be a conceited coward… and a bit of a hypocrite.

Over to your lawyers, Paul… when you’re ready.

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  1. Labour Humanist says

    I asked the question today:…Is dale a hypocrite after he allowed on his moderated comments section encouragement to post insults and abuse on my site.His response in the comments is very informative.

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