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Friday, March 30th, 2007
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Now remember, children; Stop Cyberbullying Day is about standing up to bullies and standing up for their victims.

It is not designed as a propaganda device for bullies* who play the victim when someone stands up to them.

(*The same applies to the pathetic yes-men who follow those bullies around like sheep.)

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UPDATE: A message to ‘Mike Power’… those who wish to publish comments on my main weblog are required to establish their identity by providing a valid email address when they do so. Those who use methods to bypass this requirement do not get published. Sorry.

PS – Even if you do (eventually) do this, I fail to see why I should afford you the courtesy of a reply, given that you have sought to abuse my hospitality on this website and do not allow comments on your own.

UPDATE – I’m satisfied that Mike Power did not intentionally attempt to bypass this requirement, but rather made the innocent mistake of signing in using an old TypeKey account with outdated details. An apology has been issued here.

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