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Posted by Tim Ireland at March 27, 2007

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As expected, the (alleged) originators of the ‘teaching kids to be gay’ video went direct to YouTube, who folded faster than Robert Lang on speed (for reasons that should be obvious).

YouTube even removed a clear example of parody covered under ‘fair use’.

There are hoops to jump through on the latter that I was not expecting, but – for the original – I have this statement prepared:

The way in which the original was presented and released makes me doubt the veracity of any anonymous (!) claim to copyright; the ‘live’ segment in the middle could very well have been lifted from an unknown third party. (In fact, there are many who still believe that this section of the video was made by Chris Morris.)

I have the original saved to disk, and I will be passing out copies 24 hours from now for hosting at any location the recipients deem proper.

If the (alleged) original producers wish to get in touch and prove ownership to my satisfaction before this happens, they have a full day to do so.

UPDATE – You can now download a copy of this grubby piece of propaganda here.

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