Come again?

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“Well the live interview was definitely a mistake and against my better judgement, as was the in-the-shadows idea of the Newsnight editor….” – ‘Guido Fawkes’

“The only way we were able to persuade Guido Fawkes to make a film for Newsnight was to allow him to appear in disguise… He was very reluctant to appear live but was persuaded to do so only by us offering to again disguise his identity. We used a graphic backing of his website (emailed to us by Guido) in order to liven up the dark Millbank studio. We did not, in anyway, encourage him to disguise his identity. It was the only way we were going to get him to appear live.” – Robbie Gibb (Assistant Editor, Newsnight)

Here’s the latest Britblog round-up and a few extra posts with interesting comment threads that you can amuse yourselves with while we wait for Paul Staines to clarify his statement or call Gibb a lying servant of the leftist establishment:

Noodpie – Interview with Guido Fawkes
Pickled Politics – Guido gets Fawked
Chicken Yoghurt – Remember, remember the 28th of March

Also, if you feel so inclined, you can watch Iain Dale hiding behind his sock-puppets (again) and revealing himself to be a total amateur (again) under comments here:

Iain Dale – Am I a Biased Hypocrite?

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