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Posted by Tim Ireland at May 14, 2007

Category: The War on Stupid

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I went to the press screening of Taking Liberties on Thursday night (YouTube trailer here):

I sat next to Beau Bo D’Or, who thought the issue ordering was a bit shambolic (therefore making the film less useful to the uninitiated). Me, I’m of the view that the many recent attacks on our civil liberties intersect in so many insane ways that it’s a bit of an ask to even try to place them in sequential order…. and damn it, I’m just so happy that this film *exists*!

OK, so I had a few nitpicks myself (the otherwise spectacular animated sequences stray from the narrative/thrust from time to time) but throughout the film I repeatedly caught myself thinking; “Oh, good, they’re covering this. But what folks normally miss about this event/development is that… oh, there it is.”

I came away deeply impressed by that; the people behind Taking Liberties know their material backwards.

It’s also fun watching it with an audience – especially in places when those ‘in the know’ allow themselves a bitter chuckle as the virgins gasp in disbelief.

Well worth a sincere and targeted plug, IMO, so here goes:

Taking Liberties is due for general cinema release on June 8th, it’s the nearest thing you’ll get to a movie version of this category, and I recommend that readers of Bloggerheads (a) plan to see it and (b) take a virgin with them.


  1. bigdaddymerk says

    I'd like to see it but it appears that no cinemas in the Midlands are showing it. hmmmmm

  2. balders says

    Not being screened at any Yorkshire cinemas either. In fact, no cinema within 200 miles is showing it. Which is bloody annoying

  3. Manic says

    And the obvious course of action is…http://www.noliberties.com/contact.htm

  4. balders says

    Already done that. Will keep you posted as to any feedback.

  5. Brick Lane says

    There is a special preview screening at the Warwick Arts Centre on the 26th May.http://www.noliberties.com/events.htm.

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