Goodbye, Tony Blair: Farewell Video and Pardons

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 18, 2007

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OK folks, here’s that video I’ve been promising you for the past umpteen weeks:

Goodbye, Tony Blair

Please be aware that this is by no means my final word on Blair. I plan to keep my vow to pursue him to the end of his political career and beyond and one day piss on his grave.

However, today marks my final word on a few other matters…

To celebrate the release of this video and the impending departure of Tony Blair, full pardons have been issued to the following people:

Nick Boles, Gordon Brown*, David Cameron, Mike Chambers, Iain Dale (and associates), Jackie Danicki, Dominic Fisher, Phil Hendren, John Kampfner, Anne Milton (and associates), Dennis Paul, Paul Staines (and associates), David Taylor and Tim Yeo.

With the exception of Gordon Brown (see below), this amounts to a clean slate for these individuals as far as I’m concerned, starting from today. All relevant past content will remain live (with a link to this pardon featured prominently where possible) but from today, the past remains in the past and I personally will not be throwing it in their faces.

[*A note regarding Gordon Brown:- If any of the individuals listed here are included in his cabinet, he and I are going to have some difficulty. Also, he is expected to stand on his head and juggle ice-cream within two months of taking office.]

Comments are open if you think I’ve missed anyone… but please don’t remind me that I’ve ‘forgotten’ Rupert Murdoch or Rebekah Wade. (There are limits, folks.)

Cheers all.


  1. tyger says

    Worth the wait, Tim.:o)

  2. Mike Rouse says

    IMHO, I thought it was OK at the start, but lost it at around the halfway mark and never recovered.

  3. Sim-O says

    **applause**Don't he still owe you money??

  4. goatchurch says

    Keep that Abu Ghraib stuff live. There's more about it coming out.

  5. evilrob666fm says

    nice work – you might also enjoy the 'unofficial farewell speech' on youtube –

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