That Lowde matter

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 29, 2007

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A report direct from Rachel here, an account and round-up from Davide here.

The only thing I think I can add to the surrounding bloggage is that you should be wary of anyone trying to present this as a case of bloggers ‘acting like judge, jury and executioner’… especially as it was the police and the courts that granted Lowde official stalker status, not bloggers (oh, and nobody was actually executed).

In fact, the only person groundlessly screaming ‘stalker’ was Lowde herself.

(I still have to find or invent the word for that BTW; when someone accuses you of doing something that you are not guilty of when they themselves are guilty of the same or far, far worse. Even trying to describe it can give you a headache… which I’m sure is part of its purpose.)


  1. Jim Bliss says

    >> I still have to find or invent the word for that> BTW; when someone accuses you of doing something> that you are not guilty of when they themselves> are guilty of the same or far, far worse.>The psychoanalytic term is 'Projection'.

  2. Manic says

    Yes, but does this apply to cases where it is done knowingly, to deliberately confuse matters?

  3. Jim Bliss says

    Nope, in that case I think it's just called "lying".But, having never met her, I wouldn't want to speculate on whether Lowde was a malicious liar or suffering from a psychological problem of some kind. However, given how obviously self-destructive her behaviour has been (which is not to play down the impact it had on Rachel), I would suggest she may well need treatment more than punishment.

  4. Rachel North London says

    Well, we're nearly there, bar the inevitable desperate attempt at appeal. It's a shame that the Judge didn;t get psych.reports as now we will never know whether she is mad or bad. I expect she will breach the restraining order or ASBO on release, and that will only make things worse – but then again, it may be the only way she gets treatment, in the end. If indeed she is treatable.

  5. RickB says

    Well I would still say projection, it can be deliberative, it is also Karl Rove's main tactic, accuse your oponent of your crime/weakness. I too hope she gets treatment.

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