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Posted by Tim Ireland at June 21, 2007

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Snip a few bits of this and you have the reason why I’m so involved in politics. In fact, you probably wouldn’t have caught me within a mile of Westminster without it:

Independent – Two words sum up why I cannot accept my MBE: Tony Blair: However, I believe that the way and the methods with which Tony Blair took Britain to war in Iraq and Afghanistan alongside George Bush were dishonest. They were based on a lie. We did not enter these conflicts for moral reasons; we entered them for economic ones. That much has now become clear. I would have admired Tony Blair, or at least respected him, if he’d have told me that we were going to war because he thought it would be good for our economy, regardless of the human cost. I would have respected that honesty, even if I strongly disagreed with him. But instead, Mr Blair dreamt up this thing called spin, which is effectively organised lying, to convince the British public that his reasons were just. The result has been that hundreds of thousands of people have now suffered intolerably. They have suffered death and torture, and they now live in hopeless situations as a direct result of Tony Blair’s invasion. What is going on daily in Iraq is a tragedy. I have seen the death and the sheer human misery. I have seen pictures of whole families being blown to pieces. It is the greatest scandal of our time.

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