Emap: an itty-bitty update

Posted by Tim Ireland at July 2, 2007

Category: Photoshopping

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Monday, July 2nd, 2007
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Here’s an article about the recent Emap kerfuffle that is of added interest once you delve into comments (some readers would appear to think that Mr Nash’s response fails the scrutiny test).

(Psst! I’m not waiting until my cheque arrives before I comment… I’m timing how long it takes to arrive before I comment.)


  1. beaubodor says

    Sorry Tim, but it looks like your payment (if it happens) will have conditions attached :Zoo also diverted from its usual policy of not reimbursing for image use to pay Mr Ireland as a "gesture of goodwill".Publishers have been known to make offers whilst not admitting liability.

  2. Manic says

    This, too, will be taken into account.:o)

  3. beaubodor says

    My response to Zoo's response here :http://www.bbdo.co.uk/blog/archives/481

  4. Manic says

    I do hate it when people ignore, obscure, play down or misrepresent Chapters 1 through 12 of any given issue.:o)(I could name several examples of this, but pardons have been issued… and I wouldn't want to undermine my reputation for sudden and inexplicable hostility.)

  5. Scaryduck says

    Heh. How did my b3ta profile end up in that Journalism report? Not that I'm complaining.

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