‘Happy Families’ according to the Daily Mail

Posted by Tim Ireland at July 18, 2007

Category: Tolerance

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Wednesday, July 18th, 2007
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I don’t have time to write much today… so I guess it’s a good thing that this renders me speechless.

UPDATE – Some excellent analysis from the ever-reliable Septicisle.


  1. Wolf Solent says

    Mmm, because the Rothermeres were an absolute fucking paragon of family virtue. Mr Hitlerisgreat, his wife Mrs Gastheasylumseekers and their children Adolf and Eva…

  2. cheeks says

    They forgot:Mr Mailreader – Afraid that modern life will affect the value of his houseMrs Mailreader – Detests immigrants but employs a cheap Eastern-European cleanerMaster Mailreader – Set for a lifetime of mid-management, seeks solace in internet pornMiss Mailreader – Destined for unhappiness as she seeks her parents approval

  3. tyger says

    Wonderful, Peter!What a hateful bunch of bastards they are?

  4. Manic says

    Heh. Nice one, Peter. There's also this from b3tan Bohica:http://www.b3ta.com/links/108208Mr Mail Pensioner – I've nothing against 'em, but I wouldn't want one marrying my daughterMrs Mail Pensioner – Our house is worth a million, but I don't like paying council tax.Master Mail Pensioner – They're over here taking our jobs, lucky I'm on disability allowance for my bad back.Miss Mail Pensioner – I've never been a victim of crime, but we should still give all kids ASBOs.

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