Asa Bailey continues ‘Conservative’ campaign

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Marketing Week – Tory rebels under fire over ‘happy slapping’ viral ads: The campaign, created by viral production house Asa Bailey, uses real mobile footage to “demonstrate the darker sides of life in modern Britain” under Labour. Asa Bailey, founder of his eponymous firm, says: “Conservative backbench MPs commissioned the campaign, but I cannot identify them.”… The two virals are the first in a series of films that will be seeded over the Net in coming months and will be supported by a television ad campaign in the north of England once a prospective General Election has been called.

1. Real mobile footage? Perhaps, but it’s borrowed. The first video bears a bloody website watermark, and thanks to Rachel, I can do this with the second:

Footage of the girl pole-dancing from this ‘campaign’ video can also be seen here, here and here.

2. Conservative backbench MPs commissioned the campaign? As much as I’d like to believe that, I seriously doubt it. For one thing…

3. A television ad campaign? There’s a ban on paid political television advertising in this country. Is he suggesting that the Conservatives are going to waste their party-political broadcast recycling Teh Interwebs Funniest Home Videos, or are we dealing with someone who knows their patter better than their politics?

I call ‘shenanigans’. Again.

(Though I’m happy to be proved wrong. What harm can it do to let the world know that there are people in the Conservative party who are dumber than this?)

Regardless of its official status, this is merely existing material with political slogans slapped onto the end. Even if the 125,657 views in 4 days were an authentic reflection of interest (I suspect some YouTube gaming and/or whoring is going on) it’s interest in someone else’s material, and it’s as likely a pathway to sensible debate as Numa Numa.

Speaking of ‘debate’, you’ll love this; here, YouTube user gratex makes an observation about the recycled nature of the clip and hangs an anti-Tory rant on that same hook.

The response from Asa Bailey under comments (via SexyBritain, one of many YouTube profiles created for this exercise) reads as follows:

Respect! Good points intelligent response, thank you, this starts the video debate. Again big respect.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pull up to a stop right there before I stab something. Repeatedly. In the eyes.

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