I am *so* outraged about another post

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Tuesday, August 21st, 2007
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But I’m not going to link to it because I don’t link to people or parties that I don’t like (or items I feel I might have difficulty challenging in detail).

It doesn’t stop me from being really, really cross about it, though. Here, just look at me being cross:


[Heh. Dizzy’s exercise from yesterday now makes a lot more sense. Will Iain deny sending him an email about this, I wonder?]

UPDATE (10pm) – Cute. Iain now appears to be holding back on any comments I submit. He’ll be telling me to ‘grow up’ or ‘engage in a proper debate’ next, just you watch.

UPDATE (11pm) – Sorry. If you’re new here, this is what Iain is most probably bitching about. Still nothing back from Iain yet. Looks like he just wanted to spit his dummy and leave it at that. And not a scrap of curiosity about, you’ll note.

UPDATE (22 Aug 10:30am) – Iain has cleared a whole bunch of comments for publication, but not mine. Two comments submitted ask why he’s not clearing my comments and there’s been no answer… so he does want to spit his dummy and leave it at that. In other news, Dizzy is ‘worried’ about me, but only in a casual ‘just thought I’d blog this’ way. No real effort has gone into it or anything…

UPDATE (11am) – Ahahahaha! Look at where Dizzy locks the relevant thread… right after he stupidly spells out something I was honour-bound not to mention. Last month Iain accidentally CCed Dizzy when he clearly meant to alert him privately to our conversation via a BCC… but not in any way that could be described as a conspiracy, of course. Iain only (eventually) admitted to doing this because I promised it would be off-the-record. And that’s the way I kept things until Dizzy opened his big, fat mouth. Thanks, Dizzy.

[BTW, that email exchange was about outright libel (as opposed to ‘almost libel’)… the anonymous kind that Iain Dale and Paul Staines have made a bad habit of tolerating if not encouraging on their websites.]

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