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– Bid farewell to Brenda, raiser of tough birds.

Septicisle on Jeremy Paxman’s comments on the media and the death of Rhy Jones. Long, but worth it. Via CuriousHamster, who also has this small concern about the impact of media on the investigation.

“Excuse me sir, could you please tell me why you’re watching these children?” (via)

– If any Daily Mail readers are thinking of leaving the country; please, don’t let me stop you… but at least have the good taste not to continue to bitch about British politics from your new bolthole.

Media Watch Watch agrees with Stephen Green shock.

Peter Gasston discovers an unfortunate product name.

Dizzy is at it again. And again. If Bob and Unity play their cards right, they may get a personal video scolding. (Psst! An interesting fact: the police have warned Dizzy about making sweeping generalisations.)

Davblog discovers the Christian religion defined on a t-shirt.

– And, finally, the Daily Show continues in its epic struggle to explain American foreign policy to the masses (via):

– Well, almost finally. You can see the Cheney/quagmire position of old in detail, right here – and the expected response to it (finally) being aired is given a little look-see here.

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