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Here’s another Tory banner for you. As with the previous one, it comes with its own embedded link:

The Times – Blow for Cameron as treasurer quits over party’s ‘swing to Right’: An added headache for the Tory leadership is that Mr Eliasch, 45, made a £2.6 million loan to the party, which is still outstanding. Sources close to the Swedish businessman, who is chairman of the sporting goods manufacturer Head, would not comment on suggestions that he might call in the loan. Such an action, although unlikely, may cause unexpected problems for the party.

[Psst! Iain Dale’s old-news ‘exclusive’ over Lib Dem loans yesterday now makes a lot more sense. I’ll add it to the pile of existing proof of the audacious partisanship of 18DoughtyStreet and everything else the old fraud touches. Well done to Iain Dale, the master of truth, the champion of transparency and the enemy of spin.]

UPDATE: Here’s some ‘copy and paste’ code that will allow you to display this banner on your own website. Please be aware that I usually only use SWF embedding code in my own backyard, so your mileage may vary on some external websites and/or in some browsers. It would be a very good idea to test before publishing:

UPDATE – BBC – Ex-Tory donor to be Brown adviser: A Swedish businessman who lent £2.6m to the Conservatives is to leave the party to become an adviser to Gordon Brown. Johan Eliasch had resigned from his post as Tory deputy treasurer but the party had said he remained a supporter. On Friday he confirmed that he had accepted the prime minister’s invitation to conduct a review on deforestation and green energy.

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