Schillings go a-shushing

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Craig Murray – Usmanov Bluster: Usmanov’s lawyers are now blustering that the coverage of Usmanov in Murder in Samarkand is libellous. Given that he has such hyperactive lawyers, is it not strange that the book has been out for over a year, but they have made no move to sue for libel?

Well, there’s a potential defence, right there… should it ever go to court.

Moving on to the relevant Times article:

Times – Arsenal tycoon fury at web ‘smears’: Last week, Usmanov’s lawyers were forced to write to the internet service provider which hosts Murray’s website demanding that it take down a posting referring to Usmanov’s business and personal life. In a letter his lawyers said: “Murray clearly has an axe to grind. [He] has made a number of grossly defamatory and completely unsubstantiated allegations about our client in his book Murder in Samarkand and on his website.

Heh. It’s always fun to watch people crying ‘smear’ play the man and not the ball, isn’t it?

Septicisle – Anyone got a Schilling update: Schillings have finally this afternoon deigned to reply to my two messages sent on Thursday evening. They requested that I remove their “copyrighted” letter…

Copyrighted? Ahahahahahahahahahaha!

They’ll be after the Times next for daring to quote from one of their original works.

Dare I suggest that Schillings are rather reluctant to have their threats made public because they are somehow flawed and/or difficult to recycle?

(Let’s just quietly leave to one side the fact that copyright is normally understood to apply to – *ahem* – your more creative works. One would expect a letter of this type to rely more on fact and data, not imagination.)

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