Sun drops cover price to 20p

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Wednesday, September 5th, 2007
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I’ll repeat what I said here; I fear Rebekah Wade’s days are numbered…

Media Guardian – Sun slashes price in south-east
Media Guardian – Sun battles to stay above 3m
Brand Republic – The Sun turns to street sales to boost circulation

The Guardian: Roy Grenslade – Read all about it! Desperate Sun takes to the streets: My own feeling is that this smacks of desperation. Rupert Murdoch has sanctioned the idea, despite the huge losses involved, because he can’t face The Sun’s sale falling below 3m. The price cut, and the use of vendors, is sure to improve circulation in the short term. Likely result? Further downward pressure on the sales of the Daily Star and Daily Mirror. And long term? An upward blip for The Sun before it resumes its former decline once the price is raised yet again.

My advice to Charlie Brooks; if you want her to remain gainfully employed for a few more months, don’t do anything to aggravate her!

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